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Nick Taylor

I live in the beautiful south Devon coastal town of Teignmouth with my wife and black and white cat Jasmine.

I have been practicing Chinese Tai Chi for over 25 years, and find that massage has greatly helped me on my journey in staying fit and recovering speedily from injury.


Chinese martial artists normally have an excellent understanding of the healing arts, including Tui Na. A good knowledge of the Chinese meridian energy system and location of the correct acupressure points keeps the body fully functioning, and when injury occurs, brings about speedy recovery.


Tui Na massage also helps greatly in maintaining a smooth flow of Qi energy, the life force that drives and inspires your fitness and training routine.

Sifu Nick Taylor 5th Duan Wei - Chinese Wushu Association

During most of my working life, I have worked with my hands. Using massage to change people's lives and improve health has been a natural development to the way that I choose to work with my hands now.

I started my training in Tui Na Chinese Medical Massage in 2001, completing the Master Practitioner course in 2003. My interest in Traditional Chinese Medicine was aroused in 1996, when first learning Tai Chi.


During the case study component of my foundation course I found that Tui Na worked extremely well for my clients. Excited by the prospect of helping more clients with a wider range of musculoskeletal issues, I then continued my study and practice to Master Practitioner level.

Nick Taylor   Tui Na Master Practitioner 

Dip. Tui Na.  BhTEC  ITEC

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