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Client Testimonials

“I’ve been having Tui Na Massages with Nick for the last 2 years as preventative maintenance against injury. I compete locally in Time Trialling and Cyclo Cross and the regular massages have helped me prevent serious injuries through tough training loads and races. I definitely would not have been able to push myself as hard as I have without investing in the physical well-being of my muscles with Nick’s Tui Na massages.”

Maria Weymouth

“For a long time I had been suffering from regular extremely painful back spasms which rendered me incapable of living normally and unable to lie on my stomach for physio.  After receiving a flyer by chance for tai chi I decided to give it a try. After a while Nick explained about the treatment he could do and was convinced it would enable me to lie on my front.

In some nervousness I went along and the treatments commenced in the chair to loosen muscles. After a few weeks we progressed to my back as thankfully by then I was able to lie on my front and I was feeling much stronger.

I have now completed a year after treatment of normal life, no pills, more energy, able to cope with day to day chores and being able to drive again.

My life has been transformed when I had thought it had finished and I am truly grateful.
I highly recommend this treatment.”

Mary Inwards


“I had experienced severe pain in my shoulder/neck area for around 15 years when I started attending Tui Na sessions. Having previously had intensive sessions of physio therapy for the pain I did not really expect Tui Na to make a difference. However, within a relatively short period of time the pain reduced considerably. I continued with regular sessions over the next 2 / 3 months and found the issue more or less totally resolved. I now attend Tui Na once or twice a month and this ensures that I do not experience any further issues.”

Cilla Wilson

“Nick's Tui Na Massages have been the best thing I have had, and well worth the money. I used to have headaches all the time, and with the neck massages these have gone. I have 15-30mins every 2 - 4 weeks and the movement in my neck has improved 100%. I also had a bad back, a one hour session and all was put right. I would recommend Nick to anyone who has pain.”

Sue Webb

“Tui Na sessions with Nick have changed my life. I have suffered from chronic migraines for over 25 years. I would have episodes every 7-10 days, violently sick, extremely painful headaches. Since starting Tui Na 8 months ago I have been sick with a migraine only 3 times. In 25yrs I have tried many solutions to try to alleviate or cure my migraines, nothing has been more successful as Tui Na. Nick is a very approachable, friendly, sympathetic & gifted professional, who I would thoroughly recommend.”

Julia Daniels

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